Rehoboth entrepreneur Joani DiCampli offers Boobalicious breast deodorant

All-natural product offers relief for well-endowed
August 20, 2014

In the hot, hot heat of summer, Rehoboth Beach resident Joani DiCampli says her creation, Boobalicious breast deodorant, offers relief for the well-endowed woman.

Boobalicious is an all-natural, organic breast deodorant made with shea butter, coconut, beeswax and tea tree oil, among other ingredients. The deodorant goes on clear and is available in several fragrances, or none at all.

"People don't talk about it, but it is an issue," DiCampli said. "You can use it whenever you want, in the gym, working out."

DiCampli said she never meant to become an entrepreneur, but after she was laid off in 2010 and found a job working in retail, the problem of sweaty breasts came to her attention.

"It was summertime and as a well-endowed girl, I was sweating, and I said there should be a boob deodorant," DiCampli said. "I'm going to make one and call it 'boobalicious.'"

DiCampli said she began polling her customers, asking whether they would buy such a product. After nearly six months of positive responses and the urging of her husband, she decided to go with it and started researching how to make all-natural deodorant.

Boobalicious is a clear, solid deodorant to be applied between and underneath the breasts before, during and after a workout, a night out, or anytime in between.

After months of product development and testing, DiCampli said she started packaging and offering the product online via her Etsy store, attracting the attention of bloggers. The U.K. Daily News discovered her product and wrote a feature on the sweet-smelling solid.

"That's how I went international," DiCampli said. "They gave me some credibility."

Since then, Boobalicious breast deodorant has been featured in the June 2014 issue of Allure magazine and the July issue of Cosmopolitan, she said.

Still living in Rehoboth and working a full-time day-job, DiCampli said she would love to one day make this business her focus, but until that happens, the entrepreneur is running a one-woman show.

Producing, packaging, shipping and marketing almost 10 scented and unscented varieties of Boobalicious breast deodorant keeps her busy in the evenings and on weekends, DiCampli said.

Although she is not yet able to offer the product to local retailers, the magazine articles and online ratings have done a great job of moving her product, she said.

"Love, love, LOVE Boobalicious!" reviewer Kathryn Showers writes. "I recommend this product to any woman experiencing hot flashes. Thank you for creating this product, I'm so glad I found you."

So far, DiCampli said she only offers the product via her online Etsy store. For more information or to order the deodorant, search "Boobalicious" on