Thanks to all who visited our FIRST Delaware State Fair…can't wait for all to take advantage of one on one demonstrations of Fun Fit Vibe's cutting edge of Health & Wellness Technology.

- Private group -
August 6, 2014
Even the University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hen got into the action at the Delaware State Fair! BY KAREN HAWK

What a blast to share Fun Fit Vibe with all - the crowds where so big in some cases people may have just passed & observed those folks are just having Fun. Not realizing that while having Fun our muscles are being stimulated 25-50 times per second - building lean muscle mass, while time flies as we are golfing, swimming, skiing, hunting, fishing, playing baseball, football, basketball, hockey etc.

One friend made the comment "I am too old to play games" & I had to share the wisdom of a Rehoboth Beach T-shirt  "…We are old because we stop playing"!

It certainly made for record crowds with the pleasant weather & we are so grateful for all who visited our booth.

A perfect example was a few of the Lake Forest Girls Cross Country Team who could not believe how their heart rates went up as they just stood on the machine simulating running! Literally no impact on knees, hips or back & yet they felt like they where running.

Yes Fun Fit Vibe is just that easy - lie, sit or stand - what ever you can do that is where we start!

Feel free to give us a call at 302-249-8000 and schedule your own free demonstration in Lewes at 1604 Savannah Road or 158 Central Ave. in Millville, DE. We will both be glad you did…and your doctor will be pleasantly surprised with the related health benefits at your next check up!!!