Clear choices for Rehoboth election

August 8, 2014

Incumbents with proven positive perfor­mance enjoy a deserved edge when it comes to elections. Such is the case in Rehoboth Beach this year, where voters go to the polls Aug. 9 to choose their mayor and two commissioners.

Mayor Sam Cooper is completing his eighth term in office. The smoothly functioning and perennially popular resort city says just about all that is needed about Cooper’s guidance and steady hand. His values of maintaining and updating the city’s infrastructure, inclusivity, appreciation of city employees, vibrant busi­ness community, comfortable residential ar­eas, conservative finances and preservation of a balanced community enjoyed by residents, property owners and visitors are practically synonymous with the values most Rehoboth folks embrace.

He is open-minded and thorough when it comes to weighing issues, and the knowledge and access he has gained through the years are irreplaceable city assets. Rehoboth is fortunate that Cooper wants to continue doing the job and should reward his service with a strong vote of confidence.

Mayoral challenger Tom McGlone played a valuable role in this year’s election by ensur­ing there would be serious discussion about pending issues such as the ultimate disposi­tion of Rehoboth’s treated wastewater, the proposed new City Hall complex and park­ing concerns. Such discussion helps sharpen municipal thinking as these decisions move toward action. McGlone worked hard to keep those discussions out front.

This year’s forums showed a strong field of five informed and articulate candidates for the two commissioners’ seats up for election. For the same reasons Cooper deserves re-election, so too does incumbent Commissioner Lor­raine Zellers, who through two terms has proven a moderate and thoughtful voice. As a nonresident, Zellers represents that particular viewpoint of almost 80 percent of the proper­ty owners in Rehoboth.

Of the four nonincum­bents, Kathy McGuiness brings the greatest experience and evidence of accomplishment. She served four terms previously, has a life­time of perspective, is a driving force behind the city’s important Main Street organization, continues to carry the ball for the popular July Fourth fireworks celebration, and brings a youthful viewpoint. Rehoboth Beach voters would also be well served by a McGuiness reprise.


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