Young athlete questions fitness center policy

August 26, 2014

I am extremely disappointed in the Rehoboth Club Fitness. Last week I went there (after sitting in an hour of traffic) only to find that I was not allowed to work out because I was only 12. I was only allowed to accompany my mother while she worked out.

My mom was charged the full adult fee for me to be there, but not to exercise. After she worked out, we asked for the name and number of the owner. We were told that Club Fitness was not allowed to give out that information.

If I’m old enough to train for soccer, I should be old enough to work out at Club Fitness. It was extremely demeaning to be told I was too young and therefore not allowed to train for my sport. In this day and age, because of growing childhood obesity problems, kids should be encouraged to work out. But really, if Club Fitness was actually worried about liability, they wouldn’t let senior citizens work out.

I understand why young children are not allowed on the equipment, but preteens should be able to train. And then there is the issue of charging my mom the full adult fare for me to sit there for three hours. I have no idea how that makes sense! And refusing to give the name and number of the owner, that’s just a bad business model. So Club Fitness, please change your age policy!

Mia Vinding
Salt Lake City, Utah

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