Rehoboth's leaders shouldn't be afraid of change

August 8, 2014

Change is Not Bad…

Tom McGlone asked me if I would endorse him, but I said I would not take a position in the race, but I do believe in change. I think Tom has a plan for the future for Rehoboth Beach which includes moderate change and fiscal responsibility. I believe Sam has a plan as well. I, like many in the city, am eager to have my thoughts heard and not dismissed out of hand, no matter who sits as mayor and commissioners. I believe the time has come, in this election, to think about what we need as a city, as a community and as neighbors.

We must begin to look at the city as a whole, a shared vision that includes all voices, to ensure Rehoboth Beach is steeped in the same roots it was founded on 50 years from now. We can no longer jump on an issue and demand immediate action from the mayor and commissioners that affects a few, like a possible moratorium or limitation of pools or rush to restrict setbacks for every home to ward off the building of large homes, when a smaller surgical fix would do the trick.

We must not reinforce or bake into the fabric of our town a local vs. nonresident tone, or that a

50-year owner is different than a 10-year owner, and we must realize that a business is a resident of sorts and also part of this fabric. This country is built on mobility and shared community, and that is where the change part comes in. Change comes to our city in many ways, from people, the economy, the weather, our proximity to major cities, etc., and as leaders we need to manage these forces, not lock them out.

No matter who wins the election for mayor, he will need to rethink the way business is done or rethink the way he thinks he will do business in order to preserve the town we all say we love. He will need to guide the city, as an executive, through a lot of change already on our plate, such as needed changes to our infrastructure to include the outfall; our need for a new municipal center to aid both city business and tourism; a plan to replace a workforce close to retirement; and a well-thought-out plan (five-year and 10-year) to manage growth, just to name a few. So, don’t be afraid of change, embrace the necessary, and demand that your leaders manage the rest.

Mark Hunker
Rehoboth Beach City Commissioner


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