Delmarva Christian announces new and retiring board members

August 12, 2014

Delmarva Christian High School announces the appointment of two new members to its board of directors and gratefully acknowledges the retirement of two respected members.

Burris Logistics CEO Donnie Burris has been newly added to the Delmarva Christian Board of Directors. Burris brings his family’s commitment to exceptional customer service and his belief that lower Delaware needs a school like Delmarva Christian. Burris believes in Christian education, and he says he is thrilled with the environment at DCHS. Burris said, “Delmarva Christian does a wonderful job running a faith-based school that is of a high quality. It’s strong educationally and has a super group of teachers. I believe it can be even greater than it already is.”

Delaware Rep. Tim Dukes, R-Laurel, has also joined the boards. Dukes serves as pastor of Central Worship Center in Laurel and is well acquainted with Christian education. Asked why he wanted to serve on the board of Delmarva Christian, Dukes said, “DCHS exemplifies what Christian education is all about.” He has come to expect academic excellence and the need to work hard at DCHS, but he is just as impressed by the depth of character of the students. Referring to Delmarva Christian’s J-Term, which enabled some students to serve in a Jamaican mission ministry, Dukes said, “Seeing the students in action is a profound experience.”

Founding board member Steve Theis, owner of Theis Photography in Seaford, is stepping down. Theis said he followed God’s leading in the founding of DCHS when he and his wife and three other couples met for dinner in 1999. Theis is excited about the growing reputation Delmarva Christian has for its high standards, both spiritually and academically. “People are thinking about DCHS because of the quality,” Theis said.

Longtime Delmarva Christian board member Carl Vincent is also retiring. Vincent, pastor of Messiah’s Vineyard in Laurel, is a firm believer in Christian education and believes a Christian world-view is the basis for all education. Vincent was at the school’s original planning meeting in 1999 and underscores the priority of God first, as a fundamental principle of DCHS. Vincent sees two main themes of the Delmarva Christian education. The first is to emphasize the Christian world-view, and the second is the promotion of high academic standards. Vincent speaks highly of the school, but also encourages DCHS to make sure its focus is clear. He said, “Great academics without focusing on Christ is just spinning your wheels.”

Delmarva Christian High School is a nondenominational Christian high school serving students in Sussex, Kent, Wicomico, Dorchester, Talbot, and Worcester counties. For more information or to schedule a tour, call 302-856-4040 or go to