Stories on RB Senior Center inaccurate

August 14, 2014

Last week’s “stories” about the Cape Henlopen Senior Center were so full of distortions it is clear the reporters didn’t bother checking their facts. I know Henry Evans failed to show up for his appointment with Patrick Canan and Leslie Boehlert. This may, in part, explain his one-sided approach to this situation. As a wise person once said, “No bread is sliced so thin, there aren’t two sides.”

One of the most inexcusable inaccuracies was the claim that two staff members “have not received a pay raise in several years.” In fact, both were given raises in 2013. Such a blatant mistruth sharply calls into question the credibility of the reporter and the two sisters who misled him. Following this falsehood with the line “Both are black” was an obvious effort to imply racism was at play. Racism is a very real and serious problem in this country, and to toss it out casually and without substantiation does this social problem a terrible disservice.

If the reporters involved had really wanted to present both sides, they might have learned that much of this conflict appears to be rooted in resistance to change. In one of the letters to the board, the complaining group said they just wanted things “to go back to the way they were.” But today’s aging population is more vibrant than generations past. They are also thrust into caregiving roles for longer periods than their parents. To the meet the emerging needs of today’s seniors, Leslie and the board are looking to add new programs while still retaining existing popular services. In this vein, I have offered programs on “Keeping the Brain Young” and “Creating a Lasting Legacy.” I am planning future workshops on “The New Technologies for Aging in Place” and “Decluttering.”

It has been disheartening to see such a small group of negative people throwing up roadblocks to the center moving forward. Their complaints have been so lacking in substance, they have resorted to nothing short of defamation of character. Accusations of Leslie being a bully or using foul language are completely out of character. Again, I think we must question the credibility of the sources.

That the Cape Gazette provided a one-side venue for such malice is inexcusable. I can only hope your readers are wise enough to know there are always two sides to every story. I feel it is incumbent on the Gazette to present the other side of this situation. I pray this negativity doesn’t hurt the forward motion of an essential part of our community, the Cape Henlopen Senior Center.

Dr. Judith E. Pierson
Rehoboth Beach

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