We want our senior center back

August 15, 2014

I have been a member of the Cape Henlopen Senior Center for the past 20 years - for the past 15 years a very active member. I participate in many activities, go on the day trips, and most important, volunteer at the front desk.

Our staff consists of Linda Bonville, Bernita Hackney, bus driver Charlie Schmidt and Theresa Shaffer, before she was fired.

I have been around for awhile now and what I am about to tell you is the truth. Theresa was liked by the majority of the members who went on the day trips. She is a good driver, very accommodating and always tried to have trips that she thought we would like. She always called us “her seniors.” Charlie, the other driver, thankfully is still with us.

Unfortunately, our executive board and director seem to believe that we are stalled in the past. This I do not understand. Bernita, our program coordinator, has always had many activities and programs which should appeal to and satisfy all members. Linda and Bernita have always worked hard to keep improving our senior center. Sitting at the front desk, I have seen the time and work they have put into keeping our center one of the best in the area.

I have seen seniors come into the center who need some type of assistance or just someone to talk too. Linda and Bernita are great with them. It all comes down to the majority want our senior center back, not run like a country club.

P.S. If you write anything against our board and director and sign your name, you are told you cannot volunteer anymore. Oh well, I had to do what’s right for my friends.

Vera Altevogt

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