Lewes woman wants to help Milton couple

August 15, 2014

I want to first and foremost say a deep, heartfelt thank you to the anonymous Milton couple who have dedicated years to serving the feral cat population. They have poured out time, money, energy and their lives to help care for cats. I think that’s a pretty good definition for the word love.

While most of us look away and try not to think about these animals, this couple has tried to make a difference. It’s so easy to conjure excuses - there are so many, my efforts won’t make a difference, they’re just cats - but these two people have looked with love and compassion. I want more people like this in our community.

I know there are others like me who want to help, and we can make a difference. A woman in Petaluma, Calif. successfully lobbied her city to take care of their feral cat population. Her story can be found in the July 2014 issue of the magazine Cat Fancy. But it takes a community, not just two individuals, to help solve the issue.

As Dr. Tim Dabkowski suggested in the article, this couple needs to start branching out and finding help from other places. I want to be a part of helping them. I don’t know how to accomplish this exactly. But publishing their story in the Cape Gazette is a start. Contact me at

Lynne Eckbold


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