Beware of the Following Scam

- Private group -
August 14, 2014

Beware of the following scam: someone claiming to be from Delmarva Power's billing department called Hobos and said that out last payment didn't process because they were updating their systems and could no longer accept credit card or direct electronic payments from the bank. He told us that we had to pay in cash by buying some sort of money card at CVS or Walgreens and that it had to be done today or our electricity would be cut off in an hour. He demanded $1498.00. He also said that we would get a 30% discount on next month's bill if I sent the cash today.

The phone number they leave is 302-200-4964302-200-4964. They use the name of either Mr. Michael or Mr. Geoffrey.

Don't fall for this. Delmarva Power still accepts all forms of payments.  If you get a call from this "company," write down the number they give you and report it to the AG's office.