We must join together for Big Z

August 18, 2014

The letter which I just read in the Cape Gazette, relative to an elderly woman with a mixed breed companion, Big Z, and the challenges she now faces relative to having to decide whether to euthanize him, put him with a rescue group or sell her home, is simply appalling.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, mixed breeds, colors, abilities, intelligence levels, tolerance, actions, and of course (even with some being victims of the most debase abuse), come with unconditional trust and love.

Humans come with all of the pre-written except for the ability to reflect unconditional love with the exception of the saints, including Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul, our two latest most worthy!

We have rapists, pedafiles. drug lords, parents who have left their babies in cars, etc., who are still on the street so to speak, resulting from either being represented at cost by a paid attorney, or pro bono.

Some paid only fines. Others served a short stint in prison, And, in over 75 percent of the cases, they will repeat same offenses with the exception of parents who might not repeat the same mistake.

Now, let's take Big Z. He has been raised in a loving atmosphere. He is a social animal - a companion. He is not (as I understand it) tied to a tree suffering from the wrath of the sun with no food or water, or drowning in the deluges of water, lying in muck, snapping from pure neglect, anxiety with a suffering broken spirit at each passerby - some of whom not notice! Some not coming to his rescue.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have spent years in the rescue of children, the homeless and animals! You, as a community, heard myself and the Cape Gazette, and became the saviors recently of a wonderful Labrador of older years who walked for months on cancerous toes beside a master who was homeless. You answered compassionately and abundantly. Through your compassion, you also gave his master incentive of overcome and redirect his path.

Before this beloved animal, you responded to Joe - so crippled and treated so cruelly - and his wonderful dog Crane. Though Joe was given the option of temporary housing in the freezing temperatures, he declined because Crane wasn't welcome. So many in this community heard me go on and on about these two. What did you do? You said, "Count on us, Maxine!" And, I did!

Now, I am asking every one of you who read this article, have compassion. Defend Big Z and his elderly mistress. If he is kept inside. If he is walked on a leash. Give him the right to be who he is and accepted where he is.

Remember about Pit Bulls and American Stafordshire Terriers. They are not the guilty party - it is the owner in 90 percent of all cases that causes them to be aggressive with terroristic behavior.

I know that without a shadow of a doubt, someone who reads this will offer pro bono legal aid to this woman. There will be those of you who offer other forms of help.

And shame to all of us if we don't! Right now, we have two cats that we have rescued. We have dogs. But rest assured, if I had another bedroom, owner and companion would be invited to stay here with us - until a solution is found.

If I had the money and there was no other option than to move her home, and my husband was still in the contracting business of building homes of prestige and grace, we would pay to move her, and build a home for Big Z and his mistress. Believe it or not!

Maxine McWhorter Ungerbuehler

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