August 23, 2014

It’s time to stop eating seafood, warns Richard Oppenlander in his powerful book FOOD CHOICE AND SUSTAINABILITY.  Ocean conditions are deteriorating rapidly due to environmental degradation.  Marine species are becoming extinct due to overfishing and destruction of ocean ecosystems. Human health is in jeopardy from eating seafood.  It’s time to say NO to seafood.

  • NO to the myth of health benefits from seafood.
  • NO to fallacious dietary guidelines that recommend seafood.
  • NO to animal/fish protein high in cholesterol, saturated fat and carcinogens.
  • NO to muscle meat devoid of dietary fiber and phytonutrients.
  • NO to contaminated, artery clogging fish oil.
  • NO to misleading market labeling of seafood.
  • NO to environmental contaminates and toxins in fresh- and salt-water marine life.
  • NO to destructive and inhumane fishing practices.
  • NO to agencies and organizations that claim to “certify” seafood management and safety.
  • NO to destruction of oceanic ecosystems.
  • NO to depletion of global resources.
  • NO to the myth of sustainability of seafood.

Say YES to whole plant-based foods that provide all the protein and other nutrients needed for satisfying meals without the health risks from seafood and without contributing to the degradation of sea life. Choose from a variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains.  Eat them fresh, canned, boxed, bagged or frozen.  Enjoy them raw or cooked, roasted or boiled, baked or broiled.  Quick, easy, delicious, recipes are available on this blog as well as resources for further reading.

Heal yourself and heal the world by choosing to eat whole plant-based foods.

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