Representative government needed in Sussex

September 1, 2014

The first word of the Preamble of the U. S. Constitution is "We," not "Me." The role of and purpose of government as defined by our Constitution is to provide the best form of government for all citizens. It was the hope of the Founding Fathers the voice of the people would be heard through their representatives.

From what I have seen first hand, this does not necessarily exist in Sussex County. It seems the "Me" as defined by Mr. Alexis Pires supersedes the welfare of the "We" as defined as the citizens of Sussex County. These citizens would be negatively affected by his plans for a music venue on their very door steps. Their quality of life is to be sacrificed for his desire to enhance his financial gain.

Mr. Pires earns his money from entertainment and the sale of alcohol and food in Dewey Beach, far from his proposed Music Venue. Mr. Pires lives in Dewey Beach. If he thinks this project is such a great idea, let him do it in his own community. He does not care about the impact of this project on the lives of hundreds of families who live near the site. The general welfare of these citizens does not matter to him, if it infringes on his ability to make a buck.

It is the time for the elected officials who sit on our county council to do their duty as "Our" representatives and protect the rights of the majority of people and not give into the pressures of the moneyed influence of one powerful and manipulative individual. The commissioners we elected need to take seriously their duties and responsibilities to protect the people who elected them from the greed of one man. "Vox Populi" listen to the voice of the people. It is time to man up and do the right thing for the "We"

Dominic N. Stimola

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