Wheatley the most qualified candidate

September 1, 2014

It is unusual for a sitting office holder to actively campaign for a political candidate during a primary, as Ms. Deaver has been doing for her protégé Brad Connor. No doubt Mr. Connor will be her ally in her quest to be president of Sussex County Council.

I’m especially disgusted with the way Ms. Deaver carries on about respected businessman and Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Bob Wheatley. Apparently she and a few of her followers think a “conflict of interest” occurs just because of what Mr. Wheatley does for a living, which of course is just wrong.

While we’re on the subject, what does Brad Connor do for a living? At the League of Women Voter’s Candidates Forum in Laurel, Mr. Connor talked about his career in the radio business. I found out later that he sold out of the radio business many years ago.

What Brad Connor actually does now is own and operate a liquor store in Bethany Beach and multiple payday loan stores in the county. The ethics of those businesses aside, what about the ethics of conveniently omitting these facts from his statement about his occupation? What else is he not telling us?

I’ve known Bob Wheatley for a long time. If he has a conflict, which is rare, he recuses himself and if you’ve ever been to a Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, you know that nobody runs a meeting better than he does. Besides, council deals with much more than just land use.

Bob Wheatley is by far the most qualified candidate in the 5th District race.


Sharon Lemaire


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