There are better ways to deal with feral cats

August 28, 2014

I am experiencing the same thing here on Hatteras Island, N.C. - doing the same thing. I am pushing for a sanctuary to be built for all such cats so that funds can be concentrated in one place and the municipalities and charities can help. I am trying to build a fenced six to 10 acre sanctuary with multiple habitats.

After they get fixed by a TNR group, the cats get released at the sanctuary and only registered caretakers can feed them, but everyone can contribute. This will solve the problem, keep them safe from animal cruelty, and allow them to be socialized by the people who care for them without all this cat hate controversy.

The cats didn't put themselves in that situation, and people like these people who do not believe in killing them should be helped. What you should do is a story on all these animal groups who are taking donations to help people like this but none of the money ever goes to the cats!

There is plenty of money to solve this problem and help the cats - it's just being wasted on seminars, conventions and the salaries of people sitting at desks sending the people actually helping the cats on internet wild goose chases.

There is no help for the actual cats out there but plenty of very expensive free advice which turns out to be mostly false. I have been doing this every day for five years now, four hours a day, and have no problem taming any wild cats and keep them healthy and fed for as little as 10-17 cents a day per cat, something every municipality should be interested in for the sake of good economics. Enclosed are some inexpensive habitat pictures.

I am Outer Banks Man Answers Call Of The Wild Cats, VA Pilot newpaper article Oct. 2013.

Daniel Felix
Outer Banks, N.C.

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