August 25, 2014

I never tire of telling anyone who will listen about the extraordinary health benefits of PLANT-BASED EATING.  Four years ago I was in pretty bad shape—45 pounds heavier, trying to keep track of multiple daily meds, no energy, too many doctor visits, too many aches and pains. Then I had a heart attack just like my father and 3 brothers.

That heart attack was a wake-up call for me.  It gave me a second chance to make changes to restore my health. When I learned that Bill Clinton had lost a significant amount of weight and had reversed his heart disease with PLANT-BASED EATING, I said to myself, “If he can do it, so can I!”  And so I did.  I read, I studied, I changed my diet and here I am today, “fit as a fiddle”, on no meds, with more than enough energy to play with grandchildren, garden, “jog” on the Beach, write a blog and teach classes about PLANT-BASED EATING.

Does the story end there?  NO!  I continue to study and learn daily about the effect of food choices on personal health and--are you ready for this?--on GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!  What we choose to put on our plates has a dramatic impact on global health as well as on personal well being.  This is the topic of a new course I will be teaching in the Fall at the Osher Life Long Learning Institute at the University of Delaware in Lewes. If you are interested in FOOD CHOICE—THE BIG PICTURE, you are invited to register at or call the office at 302-645-4111.

  • Dorothy Greet invites you on a journey to amazing good health and vitality through Plant-Based Eating.

    A heart attack turned her life upside down at age 70.

    Now, with a Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, this retired clergywoman teaches free classes to community groups upon request.

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