Mauler and Riordan are proven leaders

August 28, 2014

Fall is a great time to visit any of Delaware’s beaches. For us, Dewey Beach is the place to be. Unlike last year, our peace and tranquility during the beautiful shoulder season will be shared with our municipal election Sept. 20. Unfortunately, big city politics and tactics have a way of dominating our small beach haven and spoil the relaxed environment we seek from our busy everyday lives.

The Friends of Dewey has been the civic group that you see volunteering at the Easter Egg Hunt, Dewey Dunk, Beautification Day, Arts Fest, Winter Gala…and our own annual Wine and Waves on the beach. We also raised the funds and contributed the trash can enclosures at the beach entrances. More will be coming for the trash cans along Route 1. This year we are making it easy for residents and nonresidents to vote. Everyone named on your Dewey property deed is eligible to vote. We have mailed instructions and affidavits.

Two years ago we elected long time Dewey property owners Gary Mauler and Courtney Riordan as commissioners in our town. During their two years in office they have shown why the town got it right by electing them. They have done an excellent job of being thorough in their deliberations and have not made hasty or politically driven decisions to further expose the town to litigation. The Hyatt has been built and appears to be a success.

Matter of fact, the new beach on Van Dyke Street has been a tremendous hit with families. Numerous lawsuits have been dismissed. After seven years of having a revolving door with our administrative staff and seven town managers they finally have stabilized the town manager position, professional staff and our finances are now solid. Most importantly, as promised on their campaign signs two years ago, Gary and Courtney have helped the town achieve better balance within the community.

We still have issues to resolve. Gary and Courtney are the two solid and tested candidates that have shown their measured and reasonable approach to problem solving will protect your property values. They serve with no personal agendas.

Dave Davis appears to be a reasonable person whose heart is in the right place. But he is on the CPD steering committee and signed off on their negative and divisive communications and political tactics.

After reading the local papers, blogs and eblasts it seems that we have entered the hurricane season. Not the weather but hurricane CPD and their constant political spin. Two years ago they supported Gary and Courtney and now they don’t. One year ago they supported Diane Hanson and Anna Legates and now CPD denigrates them. After supporting four of our current commissioners, Mr. Davis says that none of them are representing the property owners.

When will CPD and Davis stop vilifying council and the town manager (they also supported his election as commissioner) who are trying to do the proper work for the town? Real estate agents say that the nasty and never ending vitriol that generates negative press purely for political purposes keeps investors from our town. Perhaps CPD’s real agenda is their 20-plus rental licenses and real estate businesses.

As for CPD, when they first organized it seemed like their mission was to prevent the contemplated Ruddertowne development. After years of costly divisive litigation the project is up and running. Wounds are healing. Mostly everyone is getting along. But the ever-changing CPD steering committee has not contributed to the town in any tangible way unlike the Dewey Civic League, Lions Club, the chamber, Dewey Business Partnership and FoD.

Instead the women from Washington, D.C., Mr. Davis and their minions say they speak for the property owners, yet they have no public meetings and constantly denigrate anyone who dare disobey their commands that come from behind the wizard’s curtain. Transparency is a one-way street for this crew.

What we have in Gary and Courtney are two distinguished gentleman who are long term property owners who have put the town’s interests first. They are consensus builders and are able to work within the community to find and achieve the best results. Please join us in supporting Gary Mauler and Courtney Riordan. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Dale Cooke, former commissioner

David Ferry, president

Mary Ferry, treasurer

Betty Laird, former Policy and Search committees chair

Jim Laird, former commissioner

Joe McAvoy, property owner

Bruce Vavala, first Dewey Beach mayor

Claire Walsh, former commissioner

Friends of Dewey

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