In response to Lewes connectivity  issue

August 29, 2014

Writing as a resident of Canary Creek who is against “connectivity” to the Harbor Point development, I think Lewes Planning Commission Vice Chair Kay Carnahan hit the nail on the head regarding the connectivity issue by remarking that, “Everyone who’s not in a neighborhood wants [it]; everybody who’s in the neighborhood doesn’t.” This fits an underlying theme affecting much discussion over who knows best; the government or the people.

In the case of Canary Creek and Harbor Point, the proposed connection does exactly what the Canary Creek residents and the Harbor Point developers explicitly do not want. One resident in an earlier letter to the Cape Gazette suggested that we (Canary Creek) have all the benefits of living in Lewes and none of the traffic issues. The only word I can think of here is “Duh ?” Apparently revenge is a valid reason for forcing connectivity on our community? That resident believes it is not up to the Canary Creek residents to say no to a connecting road affecting them. What’s happening in our community when those who suffer the consequences cannot decide for themselves? Where’s the “Livable Lewes” for them?

Another resident stated that connectivity will provide more options for getting around town. In my dreams I cannot conceive of how a connecting road between Canary Creek and Harbor Point will provide more options for getting around town. Herein my point: “Connectivity” is not applicable to this development.

One commissioner worried that the lack of connectivity is a “very dangerous proposition.” If so, most of Sussex County communities would have burned down by now. Were the lack of a connecting road to Harbor Point be of that great a danger, no one would have purchased here. Are you aware that there are even cul-de-sac communities in Manhattan?

Connectivity may work wonders for future developments where the concept fits in with residents’ and community needs. Where it doesn’t, the masses should not force their wishes on those who feel differently and must live with the outcome. The residents of Canary Creek do not deserve to have their community changed by a concept that was not exposed to them at the time they purchased, was even rejected earlier by the city, and is definitely not wanted now.

Let those who like the concept (or any concept for that matter) choose to live accordingly; in other words, let the people who are affected by the consequences make their own decisions regarding matters such as this. That process works best for all of us.

Stephen Sumption

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