Cape Senior center Board not responding

August 29, 2014

A letter from Cape Henlopen Senior Center members was sub­mitted to the Board of Directors Aug. 12 and a written response was requested. At a meeting of the board Aug. 15, which was heavily attended, members expected at least some acknowl­edgement of our letter but no mention was made of it.

It has been over two weeks; we have heard nothing and have been told that we will get no response.

Members have every right to ask questions and expect them to be answered. While we did not choose to make this public it ap­pears that it is the only way to get a reply from the board.

On Aug. 15 President Pat Canan opened the meeting with a prayer and salute to the flag. He then went into a discussion about board members and changes to the by-laws, noting that voting on these issues will take place in September.

Minutes from the last official board meeting June 10 were brought forth for approval and were questioned by Vice Presi­dent Richard Blazovsky, stating that they were incomplete as written, could not be approved, and this was in violation of Rob­ert’s Rules.

Following some heated discus­sion, Mr. Canan lost his temper and walked out, saying, “I’m done - I quit.” When this occurred, the other board members asked Mr. Blazovsky to take over the meeting. From that point on the meeting went fairly smoothly and some work was accomplished in an orderly manner.

At the close of the meeting longtime board member Lester “Dutch” Kelly complimented Mr. Blazovsky on a well run meeting. This type of positive approach is a cohesive step to promoting workable solutions for the board and the members of the center.

Center members are suggesting that the makeup of the board of directors be changed to include a good blend of active, knowledge­able members along with some civic leaders in order to ensure their voices and concerns are heard and addressed.

It should be noted that several days after the meeting, unap­proved minutes were posted at the center that did not adequately reflect what took place at the meeting, once again violating Robert’s Rules and the by-laws.

It is very evident that extreme changes must take place in order to bring our center back to what it once was.

Bobbie Hemmerich
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