Lewes citizens urged to attend hearing

August 29, 2014

On Aug. 20 the Lewes Planning Commission granted preliminary approval to Lingo Associates for the proposed Harbor Point subdivision. Proceeding with this development would raise profound ethical and troubling administrative concerns.

The proposal to build 69 homes on the site of Harbor Point Farm in the midst of the Great Marsh would create a de­velopment that would put fami­lies who purchase these homes vulnerable to storm surges such as Hurricane Sandy.

What the public heard was that the developers feel no responsi­bility for future buyers.

While we both appreciate and sympathize with our good neigh­bors who serve on the LPC, we must ask why and how this vote for preliminary approval can be justified in light of a public record full of concerns for the safety of future families.

DNREC is on record stating that this project as proposed may place lives and property in harm’s way. We need to demand that no changes be made for this development that would set a precedent for future develop­ment.

We encourage all citizens of Lewes to attend the public hear­ing on the Harbor Point subdivi­sion and annexation Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 7 p.m. in City Hall. Decisions made now on this de­velopment will have long-range effects and may be precedent setting, potentially adding 4,000-6,000 homes off New Road.

Citizens, don’t be silent on this issue!

Robert Rosenberg

Linda Palmer

Francine Bradshaw

Carolyn Jones

Sally Packard, Dinah Reath

David Ennis

Ann Nolan

Rick Moore

Kathy Harvatt

Gerald Leichler

Nadine Wick

Janice Pinto


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