Bradley items destroyed

January 28, 2011

Items in a storage unit owned by accused pedophile Earl Bradley were taken to an undisclosed location and destroyed by state officials.

The items were purchased by the Department of Justice for $1 from Secure Self Storage in Rehoboth Beach averting a public auction set on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

Bradley is awaiting a Wednesday, June 1 trial date on charges of rape and exploitation involving more than 100 child victims.

According to the Delaware State Police, which assisted the Department of Transportation in removing the items, police removed, destroyed and disposed of Bradley's items to alleviate the concerns of the victims' families and the community to ensure that the items would not be resold or used again.

Before his Dec. 18, 2009 arrest, Bradley's office was known for having a large collection of Disney and cartoon-themed toys and his Bay Bees Pediatrics office featured Winnie the Pooh-themed exam rooms, a Ferris wheel and a theater in the lobby.

After the items were destroyed, they were disposed of under the supervision of police and Department of Justice officials.