Low Country and Savannah, pre-St. Patrick's

The sun rises above the waters of Westbank Creek. BY DENNIS FORNEY
March 16, 2011

We're just across the Savannah River from South Carolina.  Savannah, Georgia.  Just a shout out. The city's greening out, getting ready to celebrate Irish.  Here are a few images from our journey down the waterway, between Charleston and Savannah.  I wrote a little about it in my Barefootin' column for the March 18 edition.

We're docked along a concrete floating pier in front of the Hyatt Regency. The Moran tug company made us feel welcome yesterday. They sent by a tug named Cape Henlopen, registered in Wilmington, Del. The river is narrow and great big container ships ghost through on incoming tides.  They put up less wake than our 22-foot C-Dory. I could toss a softball and hit the side of the ships - they're that close.

People here are making plans to either find an early seat for the parade or go into hiding.  The locals are out buying bread and milk, prepping for the green blizzard.

Azaleas are blooming, red buds are doing their spring thing and the temperatures are in the mid-70s during the day and 50s at night. Pollen's adding another layer of green to the city.

One more sense of familiarity: in the evening, as the sun is just about to the horizon, the no-see-ums join us to make us feel at home. How about that for hospitality?