Factory Sports Set to Re-Open June 1

June 1, 2020

On Monday, June 1, Factory Sports will be re-opening on a limited basis. The athletic facility has been closed since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The management and staff are eager to re-open their doors and greet the area youth once again. 

“The biggest aspect of re-opening for us, is the safety of the customers - particularly the kids. If we cannot guarantee that they will be protected then what is the point”, states owner Pat Woods. Factory Sports will open with limited enrollment in a few programs. 

The programs that will be launching are:

  • Pickleball Social Play
  • Pickleball Beginner’s Classes
  • More Better - High Level Strength, Agility, and Basketball Training
  • Basketball Training | 4th to 5th Grades and 6th to 8th Grades

The complete schedule and offerings can be found at

The complex will be taking multiple steps to ensure the safety of customers:

  • 6 feet social distancing markings
  • Face coverings worn by the staff
  • Temperature checks of staff
  • Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing of equipment

Pat Woods goes on to add; “Our facility is unique in the sense that it has 6 basketball hoops that create a natural distance as is. The training program that we have designed will take advantage of the ability to have one athlete at each hoop, utilizing their own basketball”. Factory Sports has a special June programming schedule that is available. 

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