FREE Smoking Cessation Classes

March 10, 2020

Smoking Cessation Classes - You Can Quit Too!

Smoking Cessation Classes - You Can Quit Too!

Saturday, March 21 at 9 a.m.- 12 noon
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What are your fears about quitting smoking? What things do you associate with your cigarettes with smoking: coffee, a drink, etc.?  In this program, we will help you explore these questions and more.  We will discuss complementary - holistic therapies to assist with the physical withdrawal from cigarettes. We will teach the emotional freedom tapping technique which is a type of psychological acupressure to help you deal with physical pain and emotional distress.  We will explore breathing techniques. We will explain auricular acupuncture and how it helps with quitting. You will experience an actual acupuncture session as well as learn how to use ear seeds to continue the process. 

Please join us for this session and regain your freedom from cigarettes!

This CAMP Wellness Program is made possible through the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Tobacco Prevention Community Contract. Funding for the Contract is provided by the Delaware Health Fund and managed by the American Lung Association in Delaware.

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