Delaware Division of Small Business

The Delaware Division of Small Business is a service-focused State of Delaware agency committed to helping businesses start and grow in Delaware.

Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur with just the seed of an idea or an experienced business owner looking to expand, our team of Regional Business Managers can provide you one-on-one assistance and counseling to help you succeed.

The county-based Business Managers have decades of experience between them and can assist with a variety of needs, including:

  • Navigating government processes
    The manager can serve as a liaison for you with state agencies, helping you to cut through red tape, reducing the amount of time you spend dealing with government and allowing you to focus on opening or growing your enterprise.
  • Connecting with resource organizations
    There are approximately 100 different organizations, government entities, non-profits and more that provide services directly to Delaware small businesses. A manager can help you connect with the right one. Or you can use our site’s Business Resource Connection to find the best assistance.
  • Accessing capital
    Cash flow can be make or break for a business. A manager can help you connect with funding opportunities from regional resources or from Division of Small Business programs. Information on those programs is available on the Incentives page.

Our goal is to make Delaware the #1 state in the U.S. for small business.

Learn more at

  • Phone: 
    (302) 739-4271
    Business Address: 
    99 Kings Highway
    Dover, DE 19901

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