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About Us : Our Purpose

Kids Cottage continues to be the most innovative childcare facility, as well as drop-in childcare center where parents can drop their children off so that they have some time to themselves. Kids Cottage has emerged as the social and activity hub for local and visiting families in the area.

Kids Cottage offers exceptional learning environments, including a dynamic Preschool/Pre-K program, Daycare for infants through 12 years,  engaging enrichment programs, summer camps, seasonal classes, and lots of memorable experiences for children.

The center not only offers an exciting alternative to babysitting, we offer a safe, clean and high-quality environment to play, learn and develop social skills. At Kids Cottage, the play and learning activities are designed to reinforce Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Also, close links are made with Delaware's early learning foundations for school success.

We are a locally owned and operated corporation designed and committed to provide a cutting-edge facility where we put emphasis on quality education and expressing creativity through play.

  • Hours of Operation: 

    7:30 am. - 7 pm. Fall & Winter

    (302) 644-7690
    Business Address: 
    35448 Wolfe Neck Rd.
    Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971-8788

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