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Our company has a very unique purpose: to maximize happiness rather than profit. Chris Schell left a lucrative career in finance to found Schell Brothers with the sole intent of creating a company that put the happiness of its employees and customers above all else. Ironically and unintentionally, Chris discovered that a genuine commitment to this purpose has made Schell Brothers surprisingly "successful" by all definitions of the word.

In no other area is our mission to maximize happiness more evident than in the attitude and energy of our team members. Our customers are constantly commenting on how amazing our people are. Our company culture is very unique and tends to attract fun loving out-going people who genuinely enjoy life and love being a part of the Schell Brothers team. Learn More


“Corporate America is too focused on profit & growth, often to the detriment of happiness & quality of life.”


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Delaware Beaches

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    (302) 226-1994
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    20184 Phillips St
    Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971

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