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Looking for things to do in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware?

Enjoy restorative floatation therapy near you in Delaware’s most visited city.

Floatation therapy is an opportunity to let go and increase mindfulness while enjoying the benefits of reduced stress, pain relief, and improved sleep. Floatation therapy is proven to reduce the effects of anxiety and PTSD, allowing for happy memories during the day and peaceful sleep at night. Urban Float is a membership-based float therapy center and clinic that is focused in helping members improve both their physical and mental health. Floating is a great thing to do in the winter months. In December, guests love to float, both to escape the holiday hustle and to enjoy the magnesium sulfate float solution indoors. In the summer, a float tank is a haven where peaceful solitude is a guarantee.

Benefits of floating:

  • Stress relief
    • A peaceful place with no distractions or responsibilities
    • Proven relief from symptoms of anxiety and PTSD
    • Reduced blood pressure, recovery and relaxation of muscles
  • Reduced pain
    • Reduction in swelling and improved blood flow
    • Relief from aching joints and muscles
    • Relief from chronic pain and fibromyalgia
  • Improved sleep
    • Ease falling asleep and reduction insomnia symptoms
    • Improved sleep quality and reduced disturbing of sleep
    • Realignment of circadian rhythm

Visit Urban Float in Rehoboth Beach for the full experience.
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