‘Mr. Postcard’ donates collection to Lewes Historical Society

November 5, 2017

Citing the beautiful, secure, and climate-controlled facilities at the Lewes History Museum, Neal Boyle of Lewes has donated his outstanding collection of postcards and paper ephemera to the Lewes Historical Society.

"The fact that the society honored Hazel Brittingham by naming the Collections Center in her honor sealed the deal. Hazel means so much to Lewes, and it is appropriate that this collection stay together and stay in Lewes," Boyle noted. "I hope this will inspire others to donate their collections to the society so others may enjoy them and learn from them over the years."

Assembled over the course of many years by attending auctions, both in-person and online, trading with other collectors, and happen-chance finds, the collection includes rare scenes of Lewes, real-photo postcards, and paper ephemera from long-closed Lewes businesses.

"Neal's collection is truly one of a kind, and demonstrates patience and a keen and focused eye in collecting," said Mike DiPaolo, executive director of the society. "It is a collection that would be very difficult to amass today given not only the rare nature of the materials but also the highly collectible nature of Lewes items. We simply could not do our job in preserving Lewes history for future generations without the generous support of people like Neal Boyle."

The collection will be added to the society's catalog and eventually made available to peruse online at To find out more about the society's collections, to do research, or to discuss a potential donation, email or call 302-645-7670.