3,000 runners rock the roads of Rehoboth for Seashore Marathon

On perfect day, organizers handle happy runners with care
December 10, 2018

A sub-40-degree race day with cloud cover and light winds provided perfect conditions for the running of the Rehoboth Seashore Marathon and Half Marathon on Dec. 8.

Nearly 3,000 runners left the Rehoboth Bandstand without a hitch for the 7 a.m. start, but there was plenty of gimping and limping and a few pavement bites before all runners were back in the big tent at the common finish.

A total of 934 athletes completed the full 26.2-mile marathon course, while 1,651 elected to race half that distance of 13.1 miles.

Harrison Toney from Roanoke, Va., walked the dog without a leash on the entire marathon field, running 2:31:19.

Toney was followed by Jerry Tylutki, 2:47:00; Joe Klinedinst, 2:47:58; Curt Forst, 2:50:15; and J. Daniel Ferguson, 2:50:23.

Hannah Cocchiaro from Columbia, Md., was the overall women’s winner in 2:52.3. The top 27 runners all broke the magical three-hour barrier.

Cocchiaro was followed by Tressa Breindel, 3:06; Emily Clark, 3:08:41; Leah-Kate Lounsbury, 3:10:50; and Megan Ulanich-Overbey, 3:11:54.

Marathon masters winners were Joe Klinedinst, 2:47:58, and Tressa Breindel, 3:06:52.

Mary Beth Evans is the overseer and announcer of the entire event, while Tim Bamforth directs the mechanics of the race. NOVA Timing Systems takes care of – you guessed it – all the computer timing and tracking of runners, and publishing of results.

“Forty-eight hours of no sleep, plus a small race Sunday morning, and everything went great,” said Bamforth. “All the volunteers along with police and fire departments just make it happen. The course is flat and beautiful and spectator-friendly. There is no complaining.”

The half marathon was won by Mike Digennaro of Wilmington in 1:13:56. Dylan Hartlaub was second in 1:16:44, followed by Joseph Haisey, 1:19:24; Randall Myers, 1:20:11; and Brian Daiek, 1:21:00.

The top women in the half marathon were Elizabeth Handschy, 1:21:49; Kari Springer, 1:22:35; Bianca Toledo, 1:23:59; and Varinka Ensminger, 1:27:08.

Randall Myers was top male masters in 1:20:11, while Christine Lloyd won the female masters in 1:30:35.

Tom Cowley, 81, the oldest marathoner, finished in 4:56:51. Jake Landon, 19, was the quickest young marathoner in 2:56:59.

Joy Hampton, 72, was the fastest woman in the oldest age group, running 4:34:25, while Courtney Lftiger, 19, won the young women’s group in 4:09:34.

Local runners Martin Rodriguez (2:52:13) and Francisco Puac (2:58:32) both broke three hours.

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