American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17 clips coupons for troops

March 4, 2019

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17 members routinely take part in a “coups for troops” program to collect and send grocery coupons to soldiers overseas.

Military families who are stationed overseas buy their groceries from their commissary on base. Many of these families rely heavily on donated coupons to help offset the expense of living overseas. Using these coupons in the commissaries helps service members save thousands of dollars.

Auxiliary Unit 17 has adopted the commissary at the Netherlands, partly because of Lewes’ Dutch heritage. The auxiliary has made two shipments in the last five months. The value of submitted coupons exceeds $13,300.

Because these packages can take up to three weeks to reach the Netherlands, the commissary will even accept expired coupons.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17 accepts all types of national manufacturers’ coupons, both current and expired up to three months. Coupon Chair Rose Mansfield is the driving force behind this program, and she welcomes the public’s help. Community members may bring coupons in an envelope or zip-sealed plastic bag, mark it for Rose and drop it off at American Legion Post 17 in Lewes.


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