Art of Screen Painting workshop set Aug. 13

August 6, 2022

Painted screens are an authentic urban folk art created in Baltimore row house neighborhoods in 1913. Colorful images painted on door screens stopped people on the sidewalk from seeing in, and still provided an unobstructed view of the street to the row house owner. 

Guest artist John Iampieri will teach this art tradition from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 20, at the Rehoboth Art League. Workshop participants will learn the tools and techniques necessary to paint a high-quality, framed screen. Each person will leave with a completed screen wall hanging. The cost of the workshop, which includes supplies, is $75 per person.

Growing up in Baltimore, Iampieri saw hand-painted screens everywhere in East Baltimore row house neighborhoods. As a member of the Baltimore Painted Screen Society, he has traveled throughout Maryland over the years teaching this century-old folk art. His paintings are commissioned worldwide and frequently shown in numerous venues, including museums, businesses and media.

To register for the workshop, go to or call 302-227-8408, Ext. 112. All workshops are held at the Rehoboth Art League, 12 Dodds Lane, Henlopen Acres. 

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