Black & Gold event raises $2,500 for Children's Beach House

July 21, 2017

The Rehoboth Beach Country Club 18-Hole Ladies’ Golf Association held its 15th annual Black & Gold Charity golf tournament June 28, with the Gold Team winning the competition.

The Children’s Beach House in Lewes was the other winner for the day, benefiting from a $2,500 donation from the participants.

The Gold Team members included Suzanne Moore, Joan Crowley, Daisey Hudson, Sally Fogarty, Gina Bergin, Barbara Collins, Sheila Halfpenny, Roberta Amendola, Pauline Porter, Kathy Carroll, Reagan Strasser, Christine Moore, Pat Beebe, Pris DeSena, Lyn Webster, Dee Moore, Kerry Lockwood, Eileen Clark, Barb Morgan, Carol Wetherhold and Judy Holtzclaw.

Cellist makes first hole in one

Tony Gizzi is a professional cellist living near Lewes. He owns and manages the Shrewsbury String Quartet, a popular choice for weddings, corporate events and other venues in the Cape Region and beyond.

He’s also an avid golfer, and he made his first hole in one July 11 at the 104-yard ninth hole at Rookery South, using a pitching wedge.

“I tracked it the whole time. The ball bounced once and rolled right in,” Gizzi said.

It looks like more than just Gizzi’s cello is in tune.

Rehoboth Beach CC aces continue

A recent column noted that three members of Rehoboth Beach CC made three holes in one within two weeks of each other.

The magic apparently is continuing.

Joe Lingo made his ace June 4, using a 5-wood on the 188-yard par 3 third hole.

Bailey Scheurer made her hole in one June 12 on the 123-yard par 3 13th hole, with an 8-iron.

Fred Hertrich used his pitching wedge on the 121-yard par 3 fifth hole for his ace June 17.

John Brandau kept the streak alive July 3, with a 6-iron shot on the 130-yard par 3 13th hole.

Selfie Golf Stick

A few years ago, I asked a friend to shoot a video of my swing with his smartphone.

It was not a pretty sight.

With the help of lessons from Rookery golf pro Kyle Deas and a lot of practice, my swing has noticeably improved. However, except for lessons, I have not been videotaped since then.

And thanks to the new Selfie Stick, now I don’t have to bug one of my friends to come to the range for another video session.

At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, I met Luis Kim, CEO of Selfie Golf USA, of Los Angeles, Calif. Kim is a golf instructor, and has also caddied for PGA Tour pro John Huh.

Kim said the inspiration for his Selfie Stick came from watching golfers on the range. He saw folks trying to set up their smartphone on top of their golf bag, or on top of a bench, all in the effort to record their swings. He figured there had to be a better way. The new Selfie Stick was the result.

The device is an ingenious set of clips that attach to a smartphone, an alignment stick or similar “post,” and the golf bag.

The Selfie Clip is first attached to an alignment stick. A separate, adjustable bag clip is then secured to the top of the golf bag, after first setting the bag at the spot where the video will be shot. The last step attaches the smartphone to the phone clip, and aims the phone in the best place for the video shoot. That’s it.

This is one of those inventions that make so much sense when you see it that you wonder why it hadn’t been developed before. Several touring pros use it, including Danny Lee on the PGA Tour and Jenny Shin on the LPGA tour.

The product retails for $40 or so, and is available online at the company’s website,

Harvey wins Flag Day mixed tournament

Steve Harvey won the annual Flag Day tournament at RBCC July 5.

In this format, golfers play the course until they use up their handicap strokes, beyond the course’s par 72 total. For every handicap stroke that’s not needed to finish the full 18 holes, plus strokes are awarded.

Harvey’s 68 converted to a +8 total, while Michael Stadler’s 86 earned him a +7 for second. Peggy Roca tied for third with Steve Anderson at +6, while Lee Turek and Ralph Desena tied for fourth at +5.

Local club competition results

The Rehoboth Beach Country Club 18-Hole Ladies’ group played their weekly match July 5, using a team net/gross format.

Carol Perry, Cyndy Simeone and Reagan Strasser combined with Jane Castle as the blind draw for first-place net, followed by Judy Scrutchfield, Marcy Saliba and Patty Lessy, with Simeone as their blind draw. Carol Perry won individual low net with a 66.

Joann Pearlman, Jane Castle and Tricia Hohl, along with blind draw Britny Whitby, won first-place gross. Whitby also won individual low gross with an 81.

The Kings Creek Country Club Ladies 9-Hole group played a low net game July 11.

Tina Brown won first place, with Lyn Snyder taking second and Jeanne Drake finishing third.