Brimming Horn announces two limited-release meads

December 21, 2017

Mead innovator Brimming Horn of Milton has released two limited-edition new meads.

Wolf Peach is a first-of-its-kind mead made from honey, locally grown green tomatoes and lemons. This mead stretches the boundaries of the typical fermented beverage. Mead maker Jon Talkington is well known for his unique blends with out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, so using green tomatoes to make a delicious mead makes perfect sense. Wolf Peach is a sweet, citrusy mead hanging out around 11-14 percent ABV that will shock the taste buds of the most skeptical alcohol connoisseur.

Why would he use green tomatoes? Talkington said, "The tomato is an old country winemakers favorite, and it's a wine that I've been making small batches of every year at home. So I thought, 'Why not make it a mead?'" With 25 years of honing his mead-making craft, Talkington has experience comparable to a five-star chef.

Why is its name Wolf Peach? The common German word for tomato translates to "wolf peach." In Germanic folklore, it was believed that witches used the wolf peach to produce and summon werewolves. So next time anyone eats a big heaping helping of Grandma's famous tomato sauce, they should remember she might just be summoning werewolves. Brimming Horn couldn't resist the temptation to create the Wolf Peach mead.

The second release is the Blackberry Chai. Using the same local blackberries as the sold-out fan favorite mead Bjornbar (Swedish for blackberry) and adding some deliciously spicy chai tea takes this mead up to an 11. Sourcing their blackberries locally from Georgetown and ordering high-end chai tea from India combines worldly flavor with local charm. Talkington said, "A blend of two of my favorites – blackberries and chai tea! Normally I go more fruit-forward with most of my melomels, but with this mead I decided to go with less fruit for balance to allow the chai tea's flavor to come through." This sweet, fruity, and spicy mead sits at 11-14 percent ABV, and makes a great mead for the holidays.

Both meads are available at the Brimming Horn Milton tasting room and the online store. Limited to only 12 cases each, these meads will fly off the shelf quickly. Both retail at $18.99 and are on a limited tasting basis at the meadery for $3 per 1 oz. pour. For more information or to order, go to and