Cape girls go Crazy 8 to beat Smyrna 65-21

Vikings 11-0 with three games remaining
February 17, 2021

The Cape girls’ basketball team ran its record to 11-0 Feb. 16, with a 65-21 win over visiting Smyrna.

Cape played its Crazy 8 uptempo offense in the second and third periods, outscoring the Eagles 45-7. 

Cape was led in scoring by Morgan Mahoney with a double-double of 21 points and 10 rebounds. Ella Rishko contributed 11 points. 

The Vikings have games left against Sussex Central, Dover and Milford, teams they beat earlier in the season by a combined score of 186-44. 

Pat Woods offered candid comments from The Factory Wednesday morning after the game:

“It is a strange experience, to be sure. We don’t even think about who we are playing at this point ... just about how we play – there is probably something to that. We win big yesterday and I am grumpy all night because we were so sloppy. All I can think about is, ‘If we play like this in a few weeks, we are done.’ I’m not sure that is healthy.”

Woods was asked about his team passing too much.

“That was our conversation after the game. I would rather take a shot at the rim than over-pass and turn it over. A turnover is a layup for them, while a missed shot is a potential put-back layup for us. We have also talked a lot about patience and controlling every movement; however, last night’s objective was to play at an extremely fast pace. The second quarter was a drill we call ‘Crazy 8.’ We do this in practice. Must play full-court man defense and must get a shot off in 15 seconds or it’s a turnover. Then our discussion is ‘Don’t take a rushed shot,’ just sprint the floor and run actions quickly before defense has time to set up. This is what we’ve learned from playing Sanford two years ago in a scrimmage.”

The girls’ basketball state tournament is set to begin Wednesday, March 3, the same day as the final round of the state wrestling championship at Cape. 

“If we have a bye, we are fine,” said Woods. “If not, I guess we forfeit the home court? I don’t know. Our schedule this year has capped our potential for bonus points, so by our calculations we cannot get higher than a four seed, but more likely we will be seven or eight.”


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