Catrina Stiller’s bedtime storybook to be released March 21

Written to help children fall asleep
February 23, 2017

Morgan James's new release, “Curtis Gets Ready To Dream: A Bedtime Story to Guide Your Child to Sleep” by Catrina Stiller encourages interactive storytelling to help children fall asleep.

Bedtime is one of the most important parts of the day. Settling down into a healthy sleep sets one up for a successful tomorrow. Children, especially, need proper sleep to grow and develop, no matter how much they may fight it. “Curtis Gets Ready to Dream” is a unique bedtime story that incorporates sleep strategies used by psychologists to train children to fall asleep.

Bedtime is a challenge for puppy Curtis and his mother. Curtis's mother, however, is prepared for the challenge. She establishes a routine that, when followed, earns Curtis treats. Curtis is also encouraged to employ progressive muscle relaxation to help him unwind. Children reading the book are encouraged to play along and drift into their own healthy sleep.

Caretakers of young children will find “Curtis Gets Ready to Dream” an indispensable resource with themes of self-reliance. Stiller helps kids learn not only healthy sleep habits, but also body and mind awareness which will help them combat stress for years to come. The book will be released by Morgan James Publishing Tuesday, March 21.

Stiller is a counselor who integrates her skill of intuition and Reiki into therapy sessions. She has been working with children and adults in the helping profession for nearly 20 years. She lives in Rehoboth Beach with her faithful companion and registered therapy dog Curtis. Stiller and Curtis see clients of all ages at Quakertown Wellness Center in Lewes, and provide virtual services to individuals around the country. For more information, go to


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