Coping with the pandemic at home

January 22, 2021

This is the third time you have shined those shoes,” she said, as I looked at her incredulously.  “And you haven’t worn those shoes in 10 years,” she added.  My wife was correct.  I had cleaned my closet and the garage twice, rearranged the kitchen utensils drawer, and vacuumed both cars three times. When I started to walk down the street with my wet/dry vac in hand looking for cars, my neighbors locked their car doors and retreated into their homes.  I was on a tear. 

COVD-19 has raised the concept of stircrazy to new heights.  At my advanced age, retired, and with my COPD, my wife will not allow me to go anywhere, not to play poker, not even to visit my favorite haunts - the hardware store and the dollar store.  And she is beginning to lose patience with my lingering at home. When I think of visiting an old friend or old haunt, I am told I am still on parole. 

I read a book a week and have watched every rerun of The Andy Griffith Show (for mental health purposes only).  The political situation is too painful to discuss, and I have reduced my news exposure to 15 minutes per day.  What can we do?  What should we do?  I took my old trumpet out of the closet and started playing from scratch.  I polished my old golf clubs and painted a landscape that looks like a blurred vision. 

As I fall into a routine, I believe that we need two attributes to survive this pandemic - discipline and imagination.  Discipline to keep our physical and mental faculties healthy with routines, and imagination to come up with new ways to make the day interesting, like taking a long motor trip to a different place each day. Try it.  I must go. The mail person is coming down the street and I like to follow her to the mailboxes. Stay well.

Nick De Cerchio
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