Delaware must embrace offshore wind energy projects

December 10, 2020

Delaware was gifted with abundant natural resources.  Beautiful low-lying land threaded and intertwined with creeks, ponds, lakes and other waterways leading to amazing Delaware and Chesapeake bays and the Atlantic.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state full of renewable sources of energy. 

There is opportunity for Delaware to take advantage of the clean renewable energy provided by ocean-generated winds.  New technology gives us the ability to harness the power of wind to create the renewable, clean energy needed to move our state forward as an industry leader. 

Keeping carbon out of our atmosphere is one of the many added benefits of this new form of energy production.

We can slow the warming of our planet while working toward the goal of zero climate emissions per existing Delaware state law.

Climate change is real and very serious. We need to take immediate action to legislate new additional laws to slow and end the burning fossil fuels for use in our cars and as our main source of energy in homes, agriculture and other Delaware industries.

Now is the time to pay attention. Delaware can still capture this win/win/win opportunity.  We need to work toward zero carbon emissions and need our legislators to take action when the next legislative session convenes.

This is not radical.  It is common sense and money sense. If Delaware doesn’t act on wind, the state is leaving billions of dollars behind! We have wind and lots of it.

Delaware needs to take advantage of the latest technology to harness renewable, clean energy.  It is the major step needed to be clean and efficient while preserving our precious environment. 

Young Delawareans will welcome a potential for 16,500 new well-paying job opportunities for the state’s college and vocational graduates.  We need our younger generation to stay in our state. 

They are the future, and they deserve the potential of a new industry in Delaware with the potential to add several billion dollars to the state’s economy.

Please support the offshore wind project so Delaware will not be left behind while Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut move ahead and enjoy the benefits of implementing their new offshore wind energy projects.

We can do this! You can do this!  Please support and implement legislation.

Shelly Cohen
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