Delaware school choice application deadline is Jan. 13

January 5, 2021

The Delaware Department of Education reminds the public that the deadline to apply for school choice is Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Parents residing in Delaware may seek to enroll their child in a Delaware public school in any school district, charter school, magnet school or vocational-technical school (restricted by county), through the standard application form.

Any student not currently registered in a public school in Delaware must be registered in his or her school of residence before submitting a standard application form.

Some charter schools, vocational-technical school districts and magnet schools may continue to accept applications after the second Wednesday in January to fill remaining availability; however, those holding a lottery only will include applications received by the second Wednesday in January.

Parents enrolling a child in kindergarten may submit the standard application form to the receiving local education agency up until the first day of the school year for enrollment in kindergarten during that school year. Delaware code maintains that children shall be considered 5 years of age and eligible to enroll in kindergarten if they child celebrate their fifth birthday on or before Aug. 31 of the respective year.

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Parents interested in applying to a district, charter school, or career and technical education school should visit their websites for information about the school and/or program and submission of a standard application form and any other supplemental application if required.

The Delaware School Choice Program began in the 1996-97 school year. The law addressing school choice is found in 14 Del. C Chapter 4.

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