Delmarva Christian organizes SAT exam event for students

April 11, 2021

Throughout the spring, juniors are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT as a part of college admissions requirements; however, due to COVID shutdowns last March, standardized testing was canceled. By fall, conditions hadn’t improved much, and many students were still experiencing postponements and cancellations of testing both locally and nationwide.

In response, Delmarva Christian organized an SAT exam day event for its 11th- and 12th-grade students March 24, during school hours at the high school.

“Although most colleges have established a test-optional admissions policy this year, we felt it was still important to offer our students the opportunity to get at least one standardized testing score to submit to colleges,” said Terri Smith, DCHS life calling counselor. “This can be particularly important for students interested in merit scholarship awards.”

With the gymnasium set up for safety protocols, a large number of DCHS students participated in taking their SAT exams. For some, it was for the first time, while for others it provided a chance to improve previous scores.


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