Share: fundraiser to benefit Dominican Republic school

September 22, 2019, a leading provider self-storage provider throughout the State of Delaware, hosted a school supply drive and fundraiser.

In collaboration with the Ears to Hear nonprofit ministries, the drive will benefit a primary school in Batey Central in the Dominican Republic with 185 students in all grade levels.

The students are given a hot meal every day and access to medical care, but they are being taught a valuable education that will help change their lives and their community. Many of the children are stateless Haitian children who have no opportunity for education outside of this private school.

“ matched all monetary donations and raised $11,250 total, and collected more than 700 school supply items. These seemingly small tokens will enable and empower education that will in fact change the lives of these children,” said Shawn Rineholt, Ears to Hear Ministries representative. team members extend thanks to everyone who participated.



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