Energy efficiency funds available for Delaware congregations

July 31, 2022

Delaware Interfaith Power & Light announced the addition of seed-grant opportunities available to all Delaware congregations participating in Energize Delaware’s Faith Efficiency QuickStart Program.

The program offers Delaware faith communities valuable information and assistance to achieve greater energy efficiency and resiliency.

DeIPL is committed to working with faith communities and congregations to make a positive impact on the existing climate crisis, with energy efficiency being the fastest, cheapest and largest single resource solution for simultaneously saving energy, saving money and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

“In partnership with DeIPL, Energize Delaware’s Faith Efficiency Program has facilitated free energy audits, remediation and educational programs for more than 70 participating congregations in Delaware. Empowered with valuable energy audit assessments, these seed grants will now make possible important energy-efficient upgrades,” said Suzanne Sebastian, Energize Delaware deputy director.

Participating in the Faith Efficiency Quick-Start Program enables Delaware congregations to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their utility bills. This will allow them to repurpose the savings to better serve their own missions and goals while engaging in thoughtful stewardship of natural resources to reduce pollution, protect life-sustaining ecosystems and conserve resources for future generations.

“The Temple United Church has been partnering with DelPL on stewardship issues for more than 10 years in a very successful manner. By utilizing their Windows of Hope Program and Energize Delaware’s Faith Efficiency Program, we drastically reduced our utility bills. We are looking forward to utilizing the seed-grant program to pay for the more efficient heating and cooling system and believe it to be a great blessing for Delaware congregations,” said Apostle John Graham, Temple United Church, Wilmington.

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