Environmental groups to host athletic challenge Aug. 10

July 12, 2019

Five local environmental groups will host Up with Delaware, Beach Pull-Up, Chin-Up, Push-up, Sit-Up Challenge with yoga demonstrations from 3 to 4 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 10, in Grove Park, near the Rehoboth Beach traffic circle.

MERR Institute, Surfriders of Delaware, Assateague Coastal Trust, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Lower Delaware, and Delaware Sierra Club will sponsor this unique Delaware athletic challenge.

“Yoga demonstrations will also be part of the fun and fundraising,” said Suzanne Thurman, director of the MERR Institute, which rescues and rehabilitates stranded marine animals like sea turtles, dolphins and more.

“We are raising awareness of issues affecting the oceans, such as plastic pollution, offshore oil drilling, sea-level rise, warming of the oceans and acidification, as well as raising funds to support our edicational/advocacy efforts,” said Micah of Surfriders of Delaware. ”Our ocean is filling up with plastic trash, and choking our fish and marine life. We need to move away from a throw-away culture and reuse everyday products like bags, straws, and mugs.”

“We work to protect clean water, clean air and healthy communities,” said Kathy Phillips, CoastKeeper and head of the Assateague Coastal Trust.

Registration is $10. For more information or to register, go to, the website for the five nonprofit groups that benefit from the event.

There will be prizes for winners in different age groups and genders. The contest is open to all ages; event organizers especially hope to draw young people to encourage development of good exercise habits. “These exercises get you intensive muscle building in a short amount of time,” said Charlie Garlow, Citizens Climate Lobby Lower Delaware.

“For those who don’t want the fun of the competition, yoga is a non-competitive option, but it builds strength and balance, something we can all use,” said Claire Simmers, Sierra Club of Delaware.

Those who register or donate to support an athlete can specify one or more of these nonprofit groups to receive their gift, or they can divide their contribution equally. They can also contribute jokes to the humor section, and art to the gallery section of the website.


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