Frustrated with inconsistent mail delivery

November 25, 2022

It is 7:30 on Wednesday, Nov. 16. We have not had mail delivery. Some days we get mail at 9:30, but mostly, we get no mail at least two days a week.

On Monday, we had no mail delivery. At times, we have gone for six days without mail delivery. Once, a check from Maryland took 17 days to get here.

We have called the post office. They do not answer the phone. We have gone to the Rehoboth Beach Post Office and asked to speak to the postmaster. The postmaster is in the annex at Walmart, which is not open to the public. We have written to Chris Coons.

Apparently, we do not have a regular carrier, so some days we get mail, some days we don’t.

This is totally unacceptable. What do you mean we don’t have a regular carrier so sometimes we get mail and sometimes we don’t? That is outrageous.

We rely upon mail delivery for packages and for our mail. This is a problem. A problem that needs to be addressed. We don’t get the circulars that advertisers pay to have delivered. We cannot rely upon the mail to receive our bills. This creates a vicious cycle. The more we do online, the less the post office receives in revenue.

Today, we watched the news. The USPS is looking to hire 22,000 people as seasonal workers. The news stated that postmasters are so desperate to hire that they themselves are delivering mail. That would be a welcome change from a postmaster that does not return phone calls and hides out in the annex that is not open to the public.

This route deserves a full-time carrier. If not that, then it deserves to have the mail delivered first thing in the morning, and not sometimes. Unfortunately, the postmaster is not embarrassed enough to solve this problem. Apparently, it is not enough of a problem for this postmaster.

This problem can be solved easily. Simply make it a priority to get the mail out to this route first. If it is not that big of a route to deserve a carrier, then it is not a big deal to deliver it first thing in the morning. If it is a big enough route to employ a full-time carrier, then hire a full-time carrier.

I understand that this is a circular argument; we are just frustrated and do not see a solution on the horizon. The purpose of seasonal people is that the post office will be very busy with the holiday mail and packages. I suppose that means we will get mail from time to time. Something must change.

Mike Mock
Rehoboth Beach


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