Grace Church breaks ground on youth center

May 2, 2021

Grace United Methodist Church in the heart of Millsboro recently broke ground for the renovation and expansion of one of its properties, the Burton House, as a youth center. The Burton House is located on the church campus.

The Rev. Karin Tunnéll, lead pastor of Grace, said, “Plans to expand the building to 1,600 square feet, renovate the restrooms and provide a safe and inviting space for youth in the community are now underway with the unanimous support of the leadership team and congregation. The building will house the church’s growing youth group, outreach mentoring programs to area youth, potential new ministries, expanding the Sunday school space and of course, offering more storage space.”

Nearly three-quarters of the cost has been raised In less than a month, Tunnéll said.

Ethan Reichhold, youth advisor, said, "Our church has supported the youth ministry at Grace in every possible way since we restarted the youth program back in 2016. Every time a need arises, our church steps up to the plate and delivers. They are stepping up again with this youth building renovation project. I am looking forward to seeing how God uses this project and will use the building to reach the younger generations in our community."

The project is slated to be dedicated by Sept. 1, as expanding youth ministries will be initiated for fall. 

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