Grotto Pizza owner supports parking garage

June 21, 2019

I’ve been a proud business owner of three restaurants within the City of Rehoboth Beach for almost 60 years.

Recently, parking – or lack thereof – has become a hurdle to operating in town, with customers and staff constantly struggling to secure parking. What is the city doing to address this huge problem?

Each year we’re told that Rehoboth government officials are aware of the issue, and measures will be taken to affect change and make traffic flow better for visitors, residents and workers - and yet nothing is done. I applaud the city for adapting a more futuristic technology with new parking kiosks that accept credit cards, quarters and the mobile parking app, but the larger question still looms - what about a parking garage?

Both City of Rehoboth residents and visitors would greatly benefit from the proposed 300-space garage and yet, we hear no update.

In reality, most people seem to be OK with parking a block or two away from their destination if there is a dedicated and inviting parking area. We have nothing! Thousands of people venture to our city with family and friends in tow, only to arrive and be forced to spend significant time searching for a parking spot ... any spot.

Why not build a structure that generates revenue for the city and provides a step in the right direction toward alleviating this issue? There is nothing wrong with charging for parking, imposing time limits and enforcing permit parking and meters, but we must have a place for the go. It’s similar to inviting 10 friends to a dinner party but only offering six seats.

Dominick A. Pulieri
founder, Grotto Pizza

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