HOB Kindness Campaign spreads positivity throughout community

March 30, 2021

Students and staff at H.O. Brittingham Elementary have been overwhelmed by kindness throughout March, as all grade levels have participated in events and projects to lift each others’ spirits.

Principal Kyle Bentley said the kindness campaign began after the school student leadership team saw the need to do something positive in the school and community. 

Kindergarten students brainstormed ways to show kindness around school and in their homes. Each day they responded to a new kindness challenge. 

On March 19, students had to answer what they love about themselves. 

Kailey Pickard said she is a strong person who stands up for herself, and Miroslav Navitski said he loves his engineering spirit and is a hard worker who wants to build things to make the world a better place for everyone.

First-grade and ILC students made cards for nursing home residents and earn kudos when they show acts of kindness to classmates.

Second-graders delivered cookies with kind messages to teachers and other students. Third-graders created paper snowflakes they decorated with names of family, friends and school personnel they wished to thank.

Fourth-grade students planned a schoolwide food drive and collected more than 220 pounds of food for Casa San Francisco. 

Students also calculated amounts in ounces and converted them into pounds as a math activity.

Fifth-graders created community kindness cards that were included with meals delivered by the CHEER Center of Milton and Meals on Wheels.

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