Homelessness: Our problems, our concerns

September 28, 2017

There was an article the other day about people here in Lewes concerned because there is a probability of having a homeless shelter near Belltown Road and Church Street on Route 9. They're concerned about traffic and the poor effect on their property values.

Have you ever been homeless, unable to bathe, without food, looked at with aversion, fear or disgust? Think. Put yourself in that place. Stop: close your eyes - our lord is walking along a dry, dirty, dusty path - thirsty - unshaven yet a simple woman at the well bent to get him a drink of water from the well.

Is that woman you?

I volunteer at the Community Resource Center in Rehoboth Beach and have also volunteered at West Side New Beginnings, and have met many helpful people. We ourselves have met many who are without shelter, without money to keep the heat going, the lights on, food on the table ... children without clothes on their backs. Do you know how many homeless children we have here in our own back yard, right here in the Cape Henlopen
School District? Over 140 homeless children - living in cars - with their aunts, uncles, grandparents; often eight to 10 people in two rooms. That's children - seniors - maybe you someday....

People are concerned about the type of people who might be occupying the shelter, too much traffic. They could be on drugs (a problem that exists even in our neighborhood and schools) or pedophiles (not in our neighborhoods?).

Didn't we recently have a physician who was in jail for this crime? A trusted doctor who could have been invited to you home for dinner, you never know.

A coach accused of a similar crime. Clean cut, educated professionals. Yet we worry about the homeless shelter that would be a few blocks from homes. Think, one day you could be in the shoes of the homeless. I hope not, but circumstances can change overnight. You could lose your job, your home. Where would you go? A homeless shelter?

Shame on us for not caring about our less fortunate fellow men and women. The shelter residents are to be vetted carefully and screened for drugs. Worried about traffic? They can't afford rent, so how are they going to have cars? Why, some don't even have medical insurance. Think again; homeless, hungry, frightened of not knowing where to find a bed, food for yourself, your family.

Someone has to care. We need to understand that life can sometimes throw you a curve ball.

Be thankful for what we have; we need to be willing to give our time, our help. A place they can call home while they get the support and guidance for a better life.

Homelessness: Our problems, our concerns.

Don't close your eyes or your mind - be open to change (even in your neighorhood). Help,please!

Veronica Lutz

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