Jack Bucchioni is a man of integrity

March 21, 2022

I want to tell you why I am voting for Jack Bucchioni for the Sixth District Senate seat. 

1. As a committee member of the RD20 in Lewes, I know Jack on a casual basis. However, I always found his remarks on point, and he seemed to have a wide-ranging group of associates from the local, county and state levels. He was what I would describe as a connected person who was involved in contributing to formatting policies on the local, county and state levels, including national issues. His BlueCoast TV station, which features stakeholders and movers and shakers from across the board, gives him a wide and diverse audience. My contact with Jack went from the point of distant admiration to direct involvement, and I found what kind of man he is. He is a man of his word. If he says he will support you, he will do everything in his power to get your voice heard, whether at a rally or on his TV station. Every local official recently elected has either ignored the will of the people, apparently aligned with special-interest groups or reversed themselves on a voting platform. I assure you, this is not Jack. I think integrity is the most important attribute of a politician, but I prefer to call Jack a statesman. He has absolutely no conflicts of interest. He has just the public interest. Visit his website and look at the breadth of issues, opinions and expertise of his 22 advisors, diversified by race and gender preferences, and I’m sure you will see a name you not only know, but also a name you respect. 

2. Now let us talk about his platform.

While this is a state election, Jack supports federal voting rights, women’s rights (Roe v. Wade), and has had not wavered throughout the years. Jack was endorsed by Delaware's Wilmington Planned Parenthood organization beginning in 2018.

Regarding gun safety, Jack was endorsed by the Sandy Hook Foundation starting in 2018 for his consistent position.

Federally, as an advocate, not within any direct role of a State senator, Jack has helped bridge a working relationship from nationwide federal elected officials in Washington to cooperate with local advocates in Sussex County. 

He has worked with Sen. Tom Carper, Sen. Chris Coons and Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester. He always advocates for Sussex County needs to include constituent services from the applicant level. Jack is very well known for following federal funding monies around the state agencies to make sure grants flow to the intended people.

As one example; many discussed, "wouldn't it be nice to get U.S Congressman Jamie Raskin (the Jan. 6 insurrection prosecutor) on the Sussex County Democratic Party Dem-A-Thon fundraiser?" In the end, it was Jack who connected and convinced him to appear on the broadcast.

The following are issues Jack feels important to consider in the Senate race: Seniors, veterans and public health; women’s health; equality; public safety; environmental threats and climate change (green amendment); education and career/job creation; voting rights; public transportation (a realistic solution for workers and low-income housing); and, organized labor unions.

If you contact Jack personally or at his campaign website, you will not only hear the above issues discussed, but his solutions! Jack does not just walk the walk, he has been involved in organizations associated with his issues for years. He doesn’t just name issues, he provides answers. He is comfortable addressing all people in a respectful way, and even if you disagree with him, you will be impressed by his knowledge, activism and his presentation.  

3. I did not go into the traditional areas of discussing his family, etc., but if you look at his accomplishments through his work and community, you will find a man of substance who is more than qualified to hold this seat. We need a change to combat the real problems that we face currently; we need to come up with new ideas and combat these issues today.

I am also voting for Jack because, frankly, I like and respect him.

Alicia Jones


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