A Jeep ride through Canyon de Chelly in Arizona with Cape Gazette

April 17, 2024

On Nov. 2, 2023, Red and Barb Moulinier took a four-hour Jeep trip into Canyon de Chelly (pronounced d'shay). The meaning comes from the Navajo word Tsegi, which means canyon or in the rock. During the trip up the canyon, they saw White House and Sliding House ruins. The Mouliniers final destination was Spider Rock, a dramatic 800-foot monolith that was formed more than 230 million years ago, and where the devoted readers stopped for a break. The Navajo believe that Spider Woman, the deity who taught Navajo women to weave, lives atop Spider Rock. It was truly an amazing trip for Red and Barb, one they had attempted to take twice before but the weather did not cooperate. Finally, this time it did!



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